Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey there. I love you.

I was feeling really weird today, but I'm feeling a whole lot better.

I guess that I am now ready to welcome in the new year... get back into a strut. I cannot wait until the heat comes back.

"Maybe the man of your dreams is waiting for you." E Harmony is a hack job. I'm sure that there are at least one hundred thousand versions of the "man of my dreams" out there. There can only be one who can actually handle me, though.

I need to trim my hair. I'll probably do it myself. I'm thinking about putting blonde in my hair. Yeahyeah.

Mmm, carob almond milk. Sweetsweet.

I've been in pajamas all day.

I'm thinking about either getting a second job, or a completely new job.

I'm going to be getting a gym membership. Get this butt in shape. Literally. I'm excited. I got different things to clean my face and moisturise.

I'd like to just change my overall appearance for some reason... haha.

I felt unwanted earlier.

And I'm second guessing my judgments, my wants, my thoughts on people--I'm second guessing who I should let in.

I feel like I've been an asshole today.

I'm feeling pretty damn good.

My New Year's resolution is to not hold grudges and become a better person in general. Better myself, physically and mentally. Yeahyeah.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm too tired to post anything actual right now.