Sunday, October 30, 2011

You can't look at me like that.

And I hate the way that you speak.

"Why do girl names always bring you to porn sites?"

Allow me to lose my personality. Allow me to introduce myself.

Illustrious. I am an illusion. Intelligent by every respect, unqualified by age. Gated in an encampment within a time period when education is paid for by erroneous old men who would rather see a strip tease than be home with his wife and family. Created by inequality and a lack of a condom, I am what you do not see. Every strong action of my own is of a path that I did not create. And most of the time I feel tall among men; some of the time, well that's only some of the time. I am guarded and disagree with everyone who believes that doing so is an awful idea. Reasons. There are reasons. I am a person silenced by doubt, fatigue and bitterness. I should not have to feel the sweet graze of history and feel horror. Also, should I not be shamed into telling stories and answering questions. That business is my own.

Why do people always want to know?

I am a strong person. A lovely person.
I disagree with your usage of my belongings. Of my charity.
I disagree with your anger.
You are only bitter and annoyed because you did not want me to see.

Look to your left.
Look to your left.
Look to your left again.
Look to your fucking left.

Icy. I.Sea. I see.

I push people away for a reason.

I am a person of great inquiry. A person with immense intuition. So vast an abundance of foretelling, I have become the optimistic pessimist.
Just like the last, I saw. I knew. I knew it. I knew what was going on, what would happen.
What did you do? What did you feel? What did you think when you realised I knew? Know.

I am an extremely grateful person. Filled with love. Filled with good intentions.

Lux. Meaning "enlightened." Meaning "light."
I haven't heard a name as good as yours before. You fit so well. You fit so well.
Give me time to explain.
Being lifted, understanding how and who I am. Being breached of persuasions and manipulations, I have become myself. Who myself is, is for me to decide. I have given myself the abundant power to create my own person. The person who I am meant to be, and in all mannerism, will best provide for myself. A thunder of resilience. Abridged by humanity and its creation for so long, freedom is only a letter away.

Step back. Let us look at another.

Stop lying to me. Please.

Continue on...

As I was saying, I have become a bit of a... defense. I have become open to those who wait and impatient to those who cannot. I am blatant and confused, and I frankly will still not settle.

I aim for the best.