Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bent over the grand piano.

I am truly in need of some self exploration. My life is grand, beautiful, and I am loving every single minute of it.

Your negativity does nothing to my positive mood. Neither do your lies nor your obnoxious outbursts. Stop hating yourself and everyone around you. Start growing up.

I'm done with children.

I am free.

I am thinking about quitting my job and just driving... everywhere. Traveling. Meeting new people. Everywhere. Meeting people who I've been talking with. I need to get out. I don't want to be tied down!

I am going to start selling stuff that I make on Etsy. Links and whatnot will come as soon as I set my seller's account up. :]

I love cities.
I love my city.

I am going to be meeting up with a new friend tomorrow after he gets out of class. We're going to have yogurt. I am excited.

I'm thinking about seeing a movie by myself. For the first time.

I'm getting kind of... tired of all these guys wanting... yeah.


If anyone could help me out with learning German, that would be awesome. This is a serious goal of mine that I have had for years. Beautiful language.

You are the understandable deception, hero.

I am going to be setting up my first skin removal very soon. I am happy.
I also want to get my first tattoo soon. I just need to find a place that would be willing to tattoo my hand.

Apparently I am interesting enough to have pictures taken of me in the city? Huh.

I lost the o-ring on my labret. I'm so glad that I'm not good enough to be responded to about this matter. Thanks friend.
Oh well. The genuine people shine through!

Is anyone as confused as I am?
I am so excited to finish starting this life.

I'm actually saving money. *applauds self*

The more that I feel as if I am becoming comfortable with my physical self, the more I feel fat and ugly.
All I can do is laugh at this.

Why are people so surprised that I eat fairly healthy at such a young age? Do I look like I should be eating candy bars?

Why does everyone that I meet think that I am at least twenty-two? What if I really AM twenty-two?
I somewhat wish that I weren't so grown up. That I weren't so grown up by the age of five.
The "old spirit" in me does not want to be so... ah.

I am loyal. What are you?

That one song that makes me sad no matter which kind of mood I begin in.

Hopefully the weather gets less rainy. I don't like the rain.
Though, I randomly feel like running out into the street, while it's pouring, and screaming.

Your problems are nothing.

Missing out on so many shows because I have a job.
Driving too much because I have money.

Get me.

"You. I always love looking at you. You always look different. I never know what you will look like."

I'm thinking about colouring a red equal sign into the side of my head where my steps were because I'm bored with my short hair.
I can't ever fully enjoy anything that I do with myself.


You look so stupid when you try to be serious. We all know that you don't take anything seriously. Not even yourself.

I seriously need to invest in one of those mini HD Flip cameras.

I'm trying to figure out different things to do for money.
Nude photos and sexual favours are not options.

My sleeping pattern sucks... my insomnia either comes back where I go to sleep really late and wake up really early... or I become lazy and go to sleep early and wake up late.
Do not want.

I hate being ignored.

I hate being tired.

I hate feeling used.

I hate being led on.

I hate hating things.

This girl is not caring anymore.
This girl is free now.

This girl is not tied down.
If you do not want to put in the effort;
Neither does this girl.

What do I want? Someone spectacular. Something spectacular. Something far away. Someone far away?

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