Friday, May 21, 2010

You measure too much of yourself.

The very least that you could do would be to please stop barking. You are not going to get what you want.

I've come to notice that I change myself often, yet can live off of the same sandwich, same band, same memories, for months.

My cat loves paper bags.

My baby.

Yesterday an old man smiled at me and said good morning. Then the old man turned around to tell me, "You know, you have a very pretty face, but you ruin it with all of those buttons." I smirked and laughed. I do not know if he is wrong, or if I am wrong. The prettiest face: all punctured, cut, and destroyed. The prettiest face: all embellished, genuine, and symmetric.

Doing things all by myself is hard. Doing things all by myself will make me a better person. Doing things by myself will lower my confidence. Doing things by myself will make me learn and teach.

Give me motivation and a fake personality to graze through. Give me real people to not waste my time on, but to invest my life in.

Give me nothing to destroy. Give me everything to re-build.

I need to sell stuff, get money, do art, buy tickets, drive places, stop sleeping, get another job, and rent a cute little studio on the Commons.

Fuck, I need to get dressed.

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