Wednesday, November 24, 2010

These words.

Oh God,
Not this again.
Stripped from hope,
Twisted until I bend.
Hopeless romanticism,
Was never common.
The positions,
The holds,
The chains,
Grab your crown.
You've won over the dead.
This heart has never before been clenched.

I can't fucking stand thinking sometimes.
Most of the time.

Whatever this is.
I hate and love it.

And I am sure that every person will know what I'm saying.

They will all understand exactly how I am feeling.

But gosh, it's like nothing anyone has ever felt before.

It's like Clash of the Titans: Certainty vs. Uncertainty.

I wish that.

I wish that things would just fall into place, without giving me time to second guess myself.
Without time to feel unwanted.
Without time to feel abandoned.
Without time to feel threatened.

How can I constantly ask myself if I'm saying the right things?

I just feel complete ache.
So dissembled.
So disgusted.

Yet I feel beautiful.
Well kept.

Why is there never a balance?
This Earth is a flat disk, constantly tilting radically and I have no grip.

"I'm always wishing, I'm always wishing too late for things to go my way; it always ends up the same."

Guess how this post came to be.
You will never get it.
Never fully comprehend.

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